Welcome to Stray Beautiful

Aiding small, independent rescuers operating in economically disadvantaged countries around the world.

Our Rescue Partners

While the majority of our dedicated rescues are based in Turkey, we also have partner rescuers in Brazil, Venezuela, Ukraine and other countries. In these countries they face immense challenges due to the overwhelming number of stray animals, and lack of government support to address the escalating population.

Your Donations Help Rescue Animals all over the world

Because we help animals outside of the USA, restrictions on platforms like PayPal and Venmo hinder their ability to seek global assistance. That’s where Stray Beautiful steps in, bridging the gap and facilitating access to international aid through our non profit organization.

What Do Donations Go Towards

Through your generous donations, Stray Beautiful utilizes every penny to carry out vital services such as neutering, spaying, medical treatment, providing food and contributing to the construction of shelter for our rescue partners.

Connect With Us

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions, please send us a message. Click the button below and fill out our contact form.